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The majority of Filipinos enjoy playing multiple forms of online games. One often asked question is why and what precisely distinguishes Online Sabong (also known as Cockfighting) from other games. It appears to be more than the biggest and best sport in the country, but it is also a major part of Filipino cultural heritage and has been for many thousands of years. Everyone, from the incredibly poor to the highly rich, plays a part in Sabong, with countless numbers of people around the world investing on hundreds of millions of cocks battling year on year.


Cockfighting, or betting on live cockfights, is estimated to have been developed in the Philippines by over 3,000 years. Real-life cockfights within the cockpit area are not authorized due to the restriction on massive public gatherings since the pandemic has taken place. Only a limited few like Sabong International are authorized, which necessitates that we must follow strict guidelines only through our digital devices.

Sabong International Betting Result made sure to shine a spotlight on the influx of people wanting to join by adding additional games for people to bet on, including Color Fun games, Pizza games, Coin master, Spider Fight (also known as Spider International) and many more. It is worth noting that Sabong International has been one of the most searched words on Google Chrome!

FAST MONEY (How to Play)

Most people download and register for various applications and websites in order to make money. Sabong International App offers a number of benefits that people may explore if they want to win potentially huge prizes and cash. In addition, the players should be knowledgeable with the basic vocabulary phrases used in the game to understand the concepts. The gamecocks which are the star of the show in Sabong International App, are the roosters on which we bet on, and these are trained and raised to fight.

The game is simple and very easy since all you have to do is just decide among “Meron” and “Wala” and place your bet on the specified betting spot on Sabong Sports’ streaming website. If you are already wondering what “Meron or Wala” means in Sabong terms, Meron basically means the favored cock, which most often holds the higher central bet or primary venture a guess put in an Online Sabong International match, and if they pull an upset, it’s a significant victory for the bettors on the Wala side. In contrast, Wala makes reference to the odds, given that they are the underdogs and aren’t expected to win the match. This side frequently has fewer pot money or a weaker starting wager.

How to Cash in Credits

To cash in credits to Sabong International, gamers must first verify that they currently have sufficient money in their Gcash accounts. The most widely used payment mode may be used to cash in and cash out in Sabong International, Gcash. It  allows transactions from 20 legal banks. We give confirmations and records to gamers who purchased credits for security and personal reasons. You may participate in the Online Sabong live event even if you’re an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) with a valid Philippine mobile phone number by installing the GCash app.

  1. To put credits on your registered International Sabong account, click the menu button (three horizontal lines) which can be found on the upper left of the screen.
  2. Choose “Add credits” under the category of wallet.
  3. Select a receiver you wish to transfer and copy the number.
  4. Open Gcash and select “Send money”.
  5. Express send and paste the copied number.
  6. Enter the amount and check the receiver.
  7. SCREENSHOT receipt.
  8.  Copy reference number sent by Gcash (in Text or Messages of device).
  9. Answer the deposit form on the Sabong International website.

How to Register

Every passionate player’s ambition is to place a bet on cockfighting through a legitimate and trusted site such as Sabong International. It is quite simple to register your smartphone, whether it is an iOS or an Android. Only a few steps and you already have an account! A phone number, a username, and a password are required on a registration form. Receipts, verification codes and different personal information are to be sent to each player’s contact number.

Do you enjoy Online Sabong? Create a Sabong International account right now to start earning large profits. Also, if you don’t want to play much, being an agent can help you make a lot of money. Being your own boss appears to be a pipe dream! So, what precisely are you looking forward to? Invite your friends immediately and become one of Sabong International’s most powerful agents. Furthermore, gamers will no longer have to worry about significant problems too because the website will notify people when an issue is resolved.

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